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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FacilityLocations in Public Beta! Plus, a Quick Intro...

Today, we launched FacilityLocations in public beta mode. The launch is an important milestone after months of hard work by an amazing development team. We were able to go public after only a few weeks of private beta which is further testament to the great work that has been happening behind the scenes.

What is FacilityLocations?
For those of you that have happened upon this post by chance, or after seeing the link to FacilityLocations in Area Development, let me give you a brief synopsis of what FacilityLocations is all about...In short, we are a resource for business executives and site consultants looking to research locations for expansion or re-location and/or connect with economic development professionals from those locations.

How does FacilityLocations work?
If you are jumping on FacilityLocations from our homepage all you have to do is choose the general region you would like search and then click to go to the landing page of that region (U.S. state landing pages, Canadian Province landing pages, and landing pages for many countries all over the globe).

Landing Pages
There are two ways to find locations and economic development professionals on our landing pages:

1. Within a a traditional directory including local and regional economic development contacts, port authority contacts, utility contacts, foreign trade zone contacts and foreign inward investment contacts.

2. Search and identify potential site and facility locations within a GIS-driven map on each landing page. Click on Select Site listings of economic development organizations within the directory window or roll over Select Site listing markers on the map with your cursor to see the service area of each Select Site and a description of the location. Then, drill-down into Select Site locations by clicking on the “Location Profile” button to access robust location data and information. Also, roll-over and click “AD” markers to see recent, local site selection and facility news items powered by Area Development Online.

Profile Pages
The user can drill down into any Select Site listing found on the landing page map. We think the Select Site Profile Pages will become a "go to" tool for business executives and site consultants as they research potential locations during the early stages of the Site Selection process. The tools found on the profile page will enable the user to research a location that may already be on a short list or find data and information on a location that wasn't even a consideration before researching our site and maps. Some of the tools on the Profile Page:
  • Advanced GIS-Driven Mapping
  • Google Streetview and Bing BirdsEye Imagery
  • Heat Maps, Data Layers
  • Downloadable, Point-and-Click Radius Demographics Reports
  • Available Property Listings and Key RE Assets 
  • Live News and Video Feeds
  • Location Overview & Measurement Tools
  • Contact Information, Web and Email Links 

Stay tuned to the FacilityLocations Blog for updates on new site features and technology, announcements about new data and listings, "how-to" posts detailing how to get the most out of the powerful (and free) tools FacilityLocations offers and general insight on topics ranging from corporate and small business site selection to economic development marketing.....
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