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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bing Maps Rolls Out New Look, FacilityLocations Maps Affected (In a Good Way)

Bing Maps has recently rolled out a new look for their maps. While the FacilityLocations maps are not powered by Bing Maps (we use ArcGIS servers and API's), we chose to license the Bing map as the base for our map application because we liked it's aesthetic (ironically). The bad news is we were forced to go with the base map look changes recently deployed by Bing and were never given the option to stick with the old Bing base maps. But, here's the good news...the new Bing base maps look awesome!!! They have simplified the look and feel of the map and reduced a lot of clutter. The new changes are allowing the data sets and tools that FacilityLocations layers over the Bing base map to really stand out for the user.

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